Buy-Build Change management

An acquisition or merger will require integration of people, technology and business lines.

The desired or projected “synergy savings” will usually not be achieved due to a variety of complex organizational factors.

We will work with management to systematically execute on desired synergy objectives with initiatives accordingly.

We will simultaneously coordinate human, technology and business lines initiatives.

Financial Programmes

Securitization of asssets or other financial programmes are a common way for banks and organizations to diversify risks and minimize capital needs.

Securitizations typically have an large impact on operating models and will require the implementation of new (work) processes, technological changes and reporting.

We will help to structure and simplify complex programmes and securitizations and help implement them.

We will simultaneously coordinate human, technology and business lines initiatives to meet the strict deadlines of (international) stakeholders.

Shaping Business initiatives

Every company has a wishlist of business inititiatives that departments competed for to have implemented.

Most of the business initiatives have a company-wide impact and require a technological change

We will help define the business cases (of a portfolio of initiatives) for project purposes, the roadmap, budget and a plan to execute and implement, including the technological changes needed

We typically manage the changes through the full value chain coordinating between numerous departments and stakeholders